About the New Series Interactive Science

The latest CDC Curriculum for Science (Secondary 1 to 3) was first implemented in 2000. On the one hand, teachers have a sufficient understanding of the syllabus. On the other hand, many have voiced the difficulties encountered during the teaching process. They are in urgent need for support and assistance from publishers so that teaching and learning of the subject can be more effective.

In view of such needs of the teachers, Longman has produced a new Science textbook, entitled INTERACTIVE SCIENCE series since 2004. And, loose-leaf content updates will be provided starting from 2008 academic year.

The main objectives of INTERACTIVE SCIENCE are:
1. providing solutions to difficulties faced by teachers in teaching
2. providing solutions to difficulties faced by students in learning
3. adding values in teaching and learning

By doing so, students will have interactive and enjoyable learning activities, through which they attain balanced development in knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.

Components of the series

Student’s Books (Student’s Edn. & Teacher’s Edn. Enrichment Edn.) Student’s CD-ROMs
Workbooks (Enrichment Edn.)(Student’s & Teacher’s Editions) Teacher’s CD-ROMs
Answer Books (Student’s & Teacher’s Editions) Teacher’s E-Book
Exploring Activity Books (with additional activities) (Student’s & Teacher’s Editions) Multimedia 2008
Bridging Programme (P6 to S1) (Student’s & Teacher’s Editions)

Teaching Enrichment CD-ROM

Bridging Programme (for NSS level) (Student’s & Teacher’s Editions) VCDs
Teacher’s Resource Packages Question Bank CD-ROMs
Multi-Target Enrichment Worksheet Binder New Question Bank CD-ROMs
Course Book Updates 2008 Image Bank CD-ROMs
New Question Bank Booklets (with CD-ROMs) Student’s Web Support
Scientific Investigation Worksheets Teacher’s Web Support
Assessment Papers Pack  
STSE Worksheets Booklet  



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